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League supplying the bases?

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James Wong
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Last Updated: Thu May 16, 2013

Any chance the league can start supplying the bases for the 2013 season? I find that a lot of time is wasted putting in bases between each game. Since it looks like the league uses the diamond for 3-4 straight games, it would cut down on the wear & tear of the bases as well. Just a thought.
Marshall Lee
League Admin
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Posted: Thu May 16, 2013


Thanks for the input.

We cannot supply the umpires with the bases. Even though we have our mainstay umpires at most of the parks, we have many who are called to umpire at the last minute. We even have one who does not drive thus making this scenario impossible.

As for having the bases in a locked storage box attached to the fence, this is not permitted by the Town. Every league would then want to have that option. Key management would also be an issue as we would have to supply all umpires with a key to every box.

Thus this is why each team must have their own set. Besides, since there should be two sets at every game, if a base gets damaged then there will always be an immediate replacement.


2 posts • Page 1 of 1 •  1
Forum Home »  General »  League supplying the bases?
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