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Clarification of Rules

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Marshall Lee
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Last Updated: Mon Apr 7, 2014

I have been asked to clarify some of the rules as there seems to be some confusion. So here they are.

1) Out at home - defensive player must be touching the plate OR mat with the ball.

2) Courtesy runners - Maximum of four allowed per team per game. Can be any player.

3) IPD - Must be declared at the beginning of the game. Runner for the declared player will be the last out. Anyone injured during the game must either run for themselves to at least first base and then use a courtesy runner as noted above OR remove themselves from the game. An IPD is non-transferable.

4) Mercy rule - 20 or more runs after 5 innings (4 1/2 if home team leading) AND at the discretion of the losing team.

5) Jersey rule is now in effect.


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Forum Home »  General »  Clarification of Rules
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